Birthplace of Matija Gubec

Let Rukova Hiža be the SMALL thing that helps a person to be happy.

Rest your soul and your body, enjoy every new day of your life!

Jelena&Tomislav Ruk

is a village in the Republic of Croatia, part of the town of Donja Stubica, Krapina-Zagorje district. It is located on the slopes of Zagrebačka gora-Medvednica. It has a small population and few households. An ideal place for a vacation for the soul and the body.

Rukova hiža is a family house that was renovated by Jelena and Tomislav Ruk in spring 2017. It was originally the house of Tomislav's late father, who was born in this building. In 1970 he moved and redesigned the house. Since then it has been used as a weekend house.

The house contains all natural materials and the construction of the house is made of 100 year old wood.

The interior is decorated as a mix of past and present, the lower part has been restored in the old style, while the attic is decorated in the contemporary style with modern furniture and materials, there is something for everyone.

One needs very little to be happy, but it is strange that little is missing so often.